The Harvester

We are on Vacation till May 16th so we're closing down the on-line store.  Crabbing has been fantastic and we've been getting a lot of Salmon too.  TIme for a break!

The Harvester is a 34 foot combination vessel, fishing for crab, salmon, albacore tuna and rock fish out of Charleston Oregon owned and operated by Tyler and Stacy Long &  Family committed to supporting sustainable fishing methods and dedicated to bringing the best from the ocean to you and your family. 


The HarvesterThe Harvester

 Tuna Fishing:

Our albacore is landed on a foam pad to prevent bruising, then bled and placed in ice water to cool. The ice water also constricts blood veins to force the blood out. Then they are placed in ice in the fish hold. We deliver them to the Sportsmen's Cannery where they are filleted and hand packed into our 7.5 oz cans. There are no added oils or water, just the freshest albacore in its own natural juices. 

Sorry for the downtime.  We had to move servers.  Thanks for understanding!!


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Dungeness Crab fishing:

The Season is  coming soon with Cousin Willy the green horn getting his first full season on the boat.  Crabbing in the heavy waters off Oregon is tough, but the bounty is well worth the struggle.  Stay tuned as we plan on offering up a selection of canned Dungeness crab that'll knock your socks off.  Leave the catching, picking and cleaning to us while you enjoy!


Working on the Store

The store is off line at the moment as we're updating things.  Sorry for the trouble!

Canned Dungeness Crab are in stock!

We've got canned dungeness crab back on the web store .. Capt Tyler made a good deal with the canner so they're $1 less per can this year!

15 dungeness_crab_cakes_002.jpg

Get some Here:

Dungeness Season 2013 - one pot


This is just a bit of the video we have.. playing around with formats. Got in with 30 gb of HD from the gopros and we need to figure out how to edit all this stuff down. So for now just one pot pulled on a nice day. More to come soon.. we have a lot of good footage. Enjoy! grr.. still black bars . We use sony vegas with 1080p gopro footage. Tried a lot of settings but still can't get rid of the black bars.. any advice is appreciated.. we're not video professionals .. mostly fishermen.

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