Dungeness Crab Video Just In!

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Nighttime Dungeness Crabbing - The Harvester at Night

This is how it works at night. Tyler gets near the buoy and up comes the pot.

Video: Dungeness Crab Season 2008 Sunset

We just set these pots that day - checking them to see how many crab were in them. This is just as the sun is going down and we'll work through the night.

Dungeness Crab Season - First day of the Catch!


The crab are looking great this year -- we're just offloading to the cannery now so expect to see some of the very crab in the video to be ready for you very soon

The World Newspaper Ocean Harvest PhotoThe World Newspaper Ocean Harvest Photo

The Harvester made the Front Page! Susan Chambers of The World Newspaper wrote Bringing in pots full of crab

Tyler Long helps his crew on the F/V Harvester unload fresh Dungeness crab in Charleston on Monday, the opening day of the commercial crab season. World Photos by Susan Chambers
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