J's Pepper Fried Green Avocado Dungeness Crab Salad

Final Fried Avacado Dungeness Crab SaladFinal Fried Avacado Dungeness Crab Salad

We made this salad as part of our Christmas Dinner.  The fried green Avocado go well with the sweet crab and we added some dried cranberries to add a bit of tarty goodness.  We used Abby's Greens (a local dirt diva) which is a mix of various spinach, lettuce and who knows what.  Its damn good stuff.  You could use whatever greens you have on hand


You'll need:

1 Big green Avocado (not the black squishy ones.  Haas or Gwen work good).

1 Bunch of greens.

1 Lightly marinated tin of Artichoke hearts.

1 Thin sliced carrot.

1 Handful dried cranberries (optional)

1 crumble of Feta Cheese

1 can of Ocean Harvest Dungeness Crab

Fried Avocado??

Like a fried green tomato you get a bit of crisp sourness and all the flavor of the avocado in a handy forkable form.  Frying prevents oxidation so you can prepare it ahead of time and won't have to worry about them turning brown.  Also great in a crab pasta.


Cook in a splash of olive oil with a grind of pepper and give another grind just before flipping.

When they are golden brown set them aside.

Assemble your salad.  Green salad down, festoon with cut chokes and arrange the ingredients as you like.  Drain a can of Ocean Harvest Dungeness Crab and add it to the center and sprinkle the feta cheese and cranberries.
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