Spatchcock Smoked Tandoori Floras Creek Chicken

Spatchcocked a chicken from and rubbed with Tandoori spice mix. I've used Ahmed Foods Tandoori mix and good old Pataks wet paste.  I also add smoked red pepper flakes ( from ) and maybe some other hot sauces or peppers to bring up the heat. Smoked on a brinkmann with green alder (I leave the bark on.. that's an area of dispute among folk around here.  I like the bark in my smoke ..those non-bark alder smokers are nuts.  But that's another story). 


9 tandoori_smoked_chicken_001.jpg

Just going in

10 tandoori_smoked_chicken_002.jpg

about an hour and a half

12 tandoori_smoked_chicken_003.jpg

3 Hours

13 tandoori_smoked_chicken_004.jpg