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Thank you for a great product

C Herman sent us this:

Thank you for a great product at a fair price & well-packaged with timely  
delivery. I'm a first-time customer & bought your crab family pack. I will  
definitely repurchase and try your albacore next time as well. Thanks!


No thank you! -- and glad you liked it!!


-F/V Harvester

Day in the life - Albacore Fishing summer 2012

Typical Day on F/V Harvester. We went out off Bandon Oregon, found the Albacore and brought some in. Then gave a hand to F/V Robert Henry -- they were in some trouble and asked for some starting fluid. Then more fishing and then off-load at Charleston. Capt. Tyler went and got a gopro so this was our first try with it.

We'll have some more soon!

Click the HD option to watch in full screen .. the gopro did a good job

Canned Dungeness Crab are in stock!

We've got canned dungeness crab back on the web store .. Capt Tyler made a good deal with the canner so they're $1 less per can this year!

15 dungeness_crab_cakes_002.jpg

Get some Here:

Spatchcock Smoked Tandoori Floras Creek Chicken

Spatchcocked a chicken from and rubbed with Tandoori spice mix. I've used Ahmed Foods Tandoori mix and good old Pataks wet paste.  I also add smoked red pepper flakes ( from ) and maybe some other hot sauces or peppers to bring up the heat. Smoked on a brinkmann with green alder (I leave the bark on.. that's an area of dispute among folk around here.  I like the bark in my smoke ..those non-bark alder smokers are nuts.  But that's another story). 


9 tandoori_smoked_chicken_001.jpg

Just going in

10 tandoori_smoked_chicken_002.jpg

about an hour and a half

12 tandoori_smoked_chicken_003.jpg

3 Hours

13 tandoori_smoked_chicken_004.jpg




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