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New Pouches!

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We now have pouched tuna which is great for camping (it's lighter than a can) and if you lost your can opener -No Problem!.

Deadliest Catch Night

Looking forward to the new season of Deadliest Catch.  Turns out our friends at Giddings Boat Works built several of the boats featured on the show (they also have done great work on The Harvester).   Time Bandit & Ramblin' Rose are two that are on the show these days.  Pretty cool.

Video: Pulling Albacore Tuna 2011 Season

Capt. Tyler and the boys finally got on the tuna after rough weather and a late albacore run. We *finally* have fresh canned tuna available and will soon have our pouched fillets for sale right here:


Tsunami action in Charleston - got lucky so far

The Harevester was birthed in the Charleston Harbor when the earth quake in Japan hit and the tsunami action came our way.  Captain Tyler was on the scene while many boats took to the seas around 2:00 PST to avoid any large surges at the docs.  The Harvester wasn't ready to go so we just made sure she was hooked up good.


Capt. Tyler reports that the tide waters were running in and out about once every 15-20 mins and some were very strong, with some boats breaking loose from the docks -- they were quickly recovered with not a lot of damage.  The outgoing tide was like a river running fast that stressed moorings and 'it was pretty damn strange'.


So it looks like we dodged a big bullet this time in the Charleston Harbor.  Not so lucky are Gold Beach and Crecent City CA



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