Preparing for the coming Zombie Apocalypse

With the reality of the impending Zombie Apocalypse (Oct 31st??) you need to think strategically about your food sources. Shotguns, generators, fuel are all important but when it comes to stocking up on good grub you can't beat our premium canned Albacore tuna and Crab (now certified BRAIN FREE!).

They're ComingThey're Coming

Canned tuna is a great dual use food. Not only can our tuna and crab can stay fresh for years as you are hold up in a local PD or Junkyard barricading like a maniac to hold off the horde, but yes you can use them as a weapon.
Survivors use Canned Tuna SlingshotSurvivors use Canned Tuna Slingshot
Crafty survivors know the value of a good head shot, and our canned tuna are guaranteed for at least one zombie kill before denting and bursting. Here some survivors use our premium albacore tuna with a slingshot to help break a zombie siege.

Afterwords just clean the cans off and have a snack.

Get You Some NOW~!Get You Some NOW~!

And yes we play Urban Dead!