Current Catch: Canned Albacore Tuna & Dungeness Crab

Just In: The Albacore Tuna is in close so we're fishing them like crazy.
Get Fresh Canned Albacore TunaGet Fresh Canned Albacore Tuna

Now with Local Pickup!

Our albacore is landed on a foam pad to prevent bruising, then bled and placed in ice water to cool. The ice water also constricts blood veins to force the blood out. Then they are placed in ice in the fish hold. We deliver them to the Sportsmen's Cannery where they are filleted and hand packed into our 7.5 oz cans. There are no added oils or water, just the freshest albacore in its own natural juices. When you open a can don't dump the juice out! Those juices contain many of the omega-3 fatty acids and many other nutrients found within the tuna that settle out over time in the can. Mix that in with whatever you are making with your canned tuna to get the full benefits of this fine fish or if your recipe doesn't need that extra moisture do your cat or dog a favor! They'll love it .. do a shot yourself :)

We're trying out flat rate packages so if you want a sweet deal on the tuna and crab checkout our flat rate shipping offers: Family Pack Flat Rate SpecialFamily Pack Flat Rate Special

We also have special flavors including peppercorn albacore, pesto albacore, smoked albacore & Jalapeno albacore.
Get Fresh Canned DungenessGet Fresh Canned Dungeness
Canned Dungeness: We hand pick the best dungeness crab for our catch for our premium canned crab. Only the freshest live crab go into the cans and we take a lot of care to give you the best of the Pacific. Each can has roughly 1/2 claw, leg meat and 1/2 body meat. We're sorry they are so expensive, but it takes a LOT of labor to pick and can the crab, and you are only getting the best crab we have to offer. If you want the very best canned dungeness crab available this is it.