Albacore Tuna Video

All the videos featuring catching Albacore Tuna

video: Landing Two Albacore on board F/V Harvester

Trolling off Winchester Bay Oregon Royce & Bert pulling 2 fine Albacore Tuna. Those small young albacore are what we're after since the older larger ones are much higher in mercury content. Those are in the cans by now and we thank the Pacific for allowing us this bounty. Cheers mother nature .. couldn't do it with out you!

Video: Albacore Tuna Jumper School Trolling off Winchester Bay Oregon

Late in the season we have to find jumper schools and troll through them. Early in the season you can just follow the warm water, but in September-October they start schooling up and are harder to find. The key is to watch for birds who eat the small fish that the tuna herd up towards the surface when they're hungry. The white flashes you see in the early part are the bellies of the tuna as they jump. Kind of hard to see with our camera but that's what is going on.

Video: Albacore Tuna August 2009

Found the lost 2 gig card from the helmet cam and this was on it!

Video: Pulling a Humbolt Squid at Night

The humbolts follow the warm water where the Albacore roam. Great bait and really great on the BBQ with chili sauce. This one is pretty small.. some of them can be SIX FEET LONG. Pretty bad video since it was at night, but these squid are really cool. They are super aggressive and have been known to try to eat divers.

Not this one!

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