Dungeness Season 2013 - one pot


This is just a bit of the video we have.. playing around with formats. Got in with 30 gb of HD from the gopros and we need to figure out how to edit all this stuff down. So for now just one pot pulled on a nice day. More to come soon.. we have a lot of good footage. Enjoy! grr.. still black bars . We use sony vegas with 1080p gopro footage. Tried a lot of settings but still can't get rid of the black bars.. any advice is appreciated.. we're not video professionals .. mostly fishermen.

Capt. Tyler Cleans a Dungeness Crab 2013 Dungeness season Oregon

We left the dang memory chips on the boat from the gopro so this is all we have for today.. we had a short haul and the weather hit so we just ate them !

Vid is in the dark and in the rain .. typical Oregon! We'll have new better video soon once we get the footage on the shore. Thanks!

Extremelist Catch - from F/V Bad Drawing (funny)

Fishing just got a lot more extremelier.

Great stuff from

Fishing Game - Kind of fun

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The key to catching big fish is double click and hold to reel them in.  Best so far: Shortfin Mako 764.7 lbs!

8 shortfin_mako.jpg

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