Tsunami action in Charleston - got lucky so far

The Harevester was birthed in the Charleston Harbor when the earth quake in Japan hit and the tsunami action came our way.  Captain Tyler was on the scene while many boats took to the seas around 2:00 PST to avoid any large surges at the docs.  The Harvester wasn't ready to go so we just made sure she was hooked up good.


Capt. Tyler reports that the tide waters were running in and out about once every 15-20 mins and some were very strong, with some boats breaking loose from the docks -- they were quickly recovered with not a lot of damage.  The outgoing tide was like a river running fast that stressed moorings and 'it was pretty damn strange'.


So it looks like we dodged a big bullet this time in the Charleston Harbor.  Not so lucky are Gold Beach and Crecent City CA



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crossing the bar video

Royce took this

Talking with our Customers

Just a few emails etc we've had over the last week or two:


Subject: [Sales Questions etc.] payment

I would like to use a credit card.  I don't see that possibility on your site. - Nancy


Yes, sorry about that.  Our credit card processor was costing too much so we switched to paypal or check/money order.  You can use a credit card via paypal but we don't do direct credit card processing any more.  We might add it back if we can find a processor that isn't so expensive.

Nacy Replied:

Ok thanks!  We LOVE your tuna.

Thanks Nacy!


Subject: [Contact The Captain and Crew] Your Albacore Tuna

Congratulations to you!  Your tuna is the best canned tuna we've ever had -  and most likely a lot better for us!  Best to you and your family.  George and Leanne

Thanks so much George and Leanne -- you guys rock!


Subject: [Sales Questions etc.] ordering tuna and crab

I would like to order from you but am leary of putting my credit card number on the internet, having just been the victim of a fraud. -Petie


Our shopping system has an option for 'check/money order'.  If you would like to go to and shop as normal.  You'll get a shipping quote and then for payment just select 'check/money order'.  There will be our address:

Mail your payment to:

Long Fisheries, Inc

P.O. box 813

Langlois, OR


1 541 260 1731

And just send in the payment.  Then once the check clears we'll send out your order.


I understand that credit cards over the internet might be scary.  We do use paypal as well, which is pretty safe.  However, the check/money order option also works just fine.


Thanks Petie.  We're glad to take checks, cash or even gold. We'd probably trade for some diesel mechanics on the boat too. Whatever works best for you!


Thanks again for your support


-Harvester Captain & Crew

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